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Wish For A Baby

Wish for a baby is a brand new fertility show which has been developed to provide a comprehensive and trusted information hub on all areas of fertility treatment in India. Whether people are just thinking about starting a family, have been trying for some time or wish for more children, India Fertility has been created to help them.

Wish for a baby is an inclusive show, which means no matter the relationship status, sexual orientation or ethnic background everyone can find a path to parenthood at the show.

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India as a Market

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Fertility segment in Indian has grown 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the last five years. The country sees about 2-2.5 lakh IVF (In vitro fertilization) cycles in a year and has the potential to do about 5-6 Lakh IVF cycles.

Growing awareness about IVF is likely to help create a market for such clinics in India



In India women of the child bearing age (15 to 44 years) constitute 22.2% of the total population.



The show is designed to allow the visitor to meet face-to-face, in one place at one time, the people that will help them make the most important decision of their lives; who can help them fulfil their desire for a baby.

What to expect ?

In conjunction with the exhibition, a comprehensive cutting edge seminar programme will run alongside the show; presented by world leading consultants, clinicians and experts it will provide the visitor with a once in a life time opportunity to learn from the very best

For leading medical experts, consultants, clinicians, therapists, treatment centres and support groups this is a unique and unmissable opportunity to promote, inform, educate and most importantly meet with potential new patients who need their help.


Exhibition Details

To ensure that the exhibition stands and seminar content providers are a trusted information source of the highest quality, exhibitors and speakers to the show will be by invitation only

Participants will be invited to apply to Wish for a Baby Board for approval. This curated approach will ensure the highest standards for all exhibitor and visitor stakeholders.

Applications will be invited from leading fertility clinics and treatment centres who wish to meet a dedicated audience whose only reason to attend the show is to discover and learn about fertility treatments and routes to parenthood.

For the successful applicants this will provide an unrivalled opportunity to meet thousands of patients across India who will do whatever it takes to fulfil their desire to have a baby.